National Executive Council

Chair:  Rev. Robert Davidson

Vice Chair:  Rev. Will Mebane

Treasurer:  Rob Burgess

Secretary: Bob Lotz

Chaplain: Rev. Richard Wineland

Class of 2018-2020
Rev. John Floberg

Class of 2019-2021
Rt. Rev. Dan Edwards

Rev. Cody Maynus

Class of 2020-2022
Mr. Bruce Freeman

Ms. Kathy McGregor

EPF PIN Representative
Randy Heyn-Lamb

EPF is interested in knowing about your interest in serving as a member of our National Executive Council.  You, or someone you know, may exhibit dedication to advancing social justice issues as a response to our baptismal promises.  Let us know!  Nominate yourself or another warrior for justice and peace here:  
View the nomination form.
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